How Long Does It Take to Dye Hair?

How Long Does It Take to Dye Hair?

When changing hair color, it’s wise to set aside several hours. Whether visiting a salon or doing it yourself with box dye, the length of time depends on a number of factors including your hair type, desired results, technique used and health status of the locks in question. There are a few steps that can help shorten and streamline this process while making it more successful and safe.

Before Dying Your Hair

One factor that will extend the length of your appointment is bleaching. If you want to switch from dark to light shades, your stylist must strip the existing color away with bleach first – which could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes! That doesn’t even count the time required to apply new dye.

Time required for bleaching and dyeing will depend on how much your hair needs lightening. If you have quite severe brassiness in your brunette hair, for instance, your stylist may need to bleach twice or more before they can create the color you desire. Since bleach can be messy and difficult to rinse out afterwards, it is a good idea to inform them in advance how much lift is desired so they can plan appropriately.

Dye Application and Processing Time

Once your hair is dyed, it’s essential that you follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding how long to leave it in. Doing this will ensure you achieve desired results without incurring damage to your locks. Heat can help speed up this process as it opens your cuticles more rapidly so dye molecules can penetrate faster into the scalp.

Utilizing a pre-color treatment can extend the life of your dye job by locking in pigment and strengthening locks. Make sure to utilize it several days prior to your appointment in order to reap maximum benefit from it.

Before dying your hair, it’s wise to shampoo without conditioner the day prior. This will remove any build-up of residue and help ensure the color doesn’t wash out too soon.

Fine or thin hair dyes faster than coarse or thick locks due to its smaller diameter, which allows more dye molecules to enter each strand more readily and soak in.

When it comes to DIYing your hair color at home, starting out with lighter shades is recommended as this will increase your chance of reaching your desired outcome and cover gray or touch up roots easily. As soon as it comes time for rinse-off, remember to use cold water which will close your cuticles and prolong its effects.

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